A Year in the Life

sarah gee-4838Are all your best memories trapped in your phone, screaming to see the light of day, begging to be shared in a more lasting way? Do you worry that your kids will someday need a facebook account to see pictures from their childhood? Do you love the idea of having all those memories tucked in the pages of a yearly album that you can look through together and remember how Charlie lost his front teeth that year or how Eloise did that funny crawling thing with one leg in the air?

summer families sarah gee photography year in the lifeEvery year as a Christmas gift for our family, we make yearly albums that we LOVE to look through time and time again. We snuggle up on the couch and laugh and tell stories. We look through years past and marvel at how we’ve grown together.

families sarah gee photography year in the lifeWhen our friends come to visit, they page through them and always talk about how they’d like to do something like that with their own pictures.

sarah gee-5701LET’S DO IT! Let me take that off your plate. I’ve been thinking on it for over a year now, and I think I finally have a way to provide this for you!

fall families sarah gee photography year in the lifeI’m thinking four sessions of your choosing (one for each season), plus a “Day in the Life” session (a 2-3 hour favorite time of day for your family where I capture your every day). We take all these, add in a sprinkling of your phone pictures, and we’ve got most of the magic right there. But there’s more! At the end of the year, we get together. Over dinner and drinks at my place, we figure out the words to add to bring it all together as a beautiful testament to your family’s year.

sarah gee-3472And voila! There it is: your family’s most precious memories all bound together in a beautiful album for you to enjoy always! I’ll also make you a slideshow with music that you can share with those far away.

DSC_1789I am so, so excited to be offering this in 2016! I think it’s going to be outta sight!

families sarah gee photography year in the lifeIf you’re in, shoot me an email – sarahgeephotography7@gmail.com– and we’ll talk about all the details, or

sign up to hear more right HERE!

I have five spots to try this out this year, and three are already taken. I’ll be accepting 2016 families until January 15th. Let me know soon! So excited to hear from you!

sarah gee-5603

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