Cracking me up

sarah gee-8498

Mary CRACKS ME UP. I mean, really. She has that subtle sarcasm that just makes me completely unable to be in a room with her without laughing out loud.

sarah gee-8504

And she and her whole family have mastered that thing where they just sit around and say ridiculously funny things, often without any expression on their own faces. Meanwhile, in the background, taking pictures, there’s me – unable to catch my breath from laughing. Makes me feel like I’m watching a sitcom from the live audience. But a really good sitcom – the kind you’d miss social events for or rush home to be in front of the tv by the opening song (you know, before Netflix).

sarah gee-8617

These awesome kids are from Mary’s previous marriage, and they have come together as a family quite nicely. I love how Mike is looking at her in this next one.

sarah gee-8636sarah gee-8544sarah gee-8554sarah gee-8568sarah gee-8590sarah gee-8593

My first email from Mary asked about engagement sessions: “I am in so much trouble for making fun of all of my friends and their engagement shoots—so we just need a couple shots, not a full-blown spread, ha.”

sarah gee-8598sarah gee-8644sarah gee-8649

And so we kept it simple. Pizza and cornhole at home with the kids, then beers out at the bar just the two of them.

sarah gee-8761

It was here that I learned their engagement story (an awesome one – well done, Mike) and we started talking wedding. “I’m just trying to block time devoted to wedding stuff or else I go down the rabbit hole and end up spending two hours evaluating different shades of blue for three nights in a row… “

sarah gee-8703

And after our session, the emails began: “Yeah, brace yourself. There will be at least one dumb question every week until November. And after, probably.” Me (secretly): Yes! Because I seriously smirk a little each time she sends me one (and for the record, her emails are not at all unreasonable or too much).

sarah gee photography 1 copy

And later, this one after a long list of all the cuteness that will occur at their wedding: “No pressure about how excited I am about our wedding photos… that haven’t been taken yet.”

No pressure, Mary. Got it. SO EXCITED for their day!!!

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