BE is how I’ve come to address Beth and Elizabeth whenever I’m talking or writing to both of them.  Their whole wedding was centered around that word, as their initials of course, but also as a testament to who they are and how they live this life.

sarah gee-7944

Among the many definitions of “be” on, my favorite is this one: to live.


Now, if you’re breathing, you’re living.  But somehow, when you put that “to” before “live,” the whole meaning seems to change, at least for me.

sarah gee-7958

To live is not to just take up space here, but to soak up the minutes, to relish the experiences, to love people and places and ideas.

And that is exactly what these two are doing.

sarah gee-8145

And all that loving sends love right back to them.  They are surrounded by a community of really amazing people who care deeply about them, cry beside them, laugh heartily with them, and dance with them.  Others who are living it up just like they are.

sarah gee-7514sarah gee-7526sarahgeephotography1

Beth had BE secretly embroidered into the hem of Elizabeth’s dress.sarah gee-7474

She cried when she saw it, but held it in, too, because… makeup.sarah gee-7547sarah gee-7573

They married at The Kitchen, a really amazing Columbus spot that their friends started.  If you haven’t been there, go for Taco Tuesday!  The Kitchen’s participatory dining re-imagines how we dine out and enjoy food with friends old and brand new.  It’s a kind of community space, which made it perfect for BE’s day.

Here’s B waiting to see E for the first time that day…sarah gee-7592sarah gee-7600Hi-fiving their awesome son!  Big day for this guy, too!sarah gee-7705sarah gee-7709

“Hey world!  It’s a big day!  My mommies are getting married!!!”sarah gee-7726

Then we took a whirlwind tour around Columbus, heading to Mike’s, where they had their first date…sarah gee-7751Mike came out to show them some love!sarah gee-7761…then to Bodega, where they had their first kiss…sarah gee-7767

…and to Blazers Pub, where Elizabeth found out just how high her skirt can go when she twirls.sarahgeephotography2Then back to the Kitchen to smooch up this dressed up little man!sarah gee-7901And on to the ceremony.  Lots of beautiful tears and smiles here.sarah gee-7978sarah gee-7983sarah gee-7985sarah gee-7990sarah gee-7995sarah gee-8007sarah gee-8017Their good friend read the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, and there was hardly a dry eye in the house.  When they set this date for their wedding, they didn’t know their marriage would be recognized legally.  sarah gee-8048

After the wedding, we headed outside for some quick pictures in the rain before partying it up at their reception!sarah gee-8091sarahgeephotography4sarah gee-8113

Beth’s sister did the flowers.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Lots of love went into those.sarahgeephotography3sarah gee-8240sarah gee-8248sarah gee-8289 copysarah gee-8299Did you see that jager back behind the BE at the beginning?  Time to get this party started!sarah gee-8295sarah gee-8318sarah gee-8360sarah gee-8401sarah gee-8431sarah gee-8436sarah gee-8439sarah gee-8441sarah gee-8554sarah gee-8606

And then it was time for karaoke!  This party rocked on til the wee hours of the morning, and it was amazing!!!sarahgeephotography5sarah gee-8560

BE, I love you!  Thanks for reminding us all to live – to take each day and do all that we can with it.  To cry and to laugh and to love wholeheartedly and unabashedly.  It was a supreme pleasure to see you surrounded by such a family, a community – your tribe I think you called it – so many people whose lives you’ve touched tremendously and who have loved you right back.

And I leave you with an Irish blessing, since it’s St. Patrick’s Day today and I’ll bet Beth’s wearing a kilt somewhere!

May love and laughter light your days,

and warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,

wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world

with joy that long endures.

May all life’s passing seasons

bring the best to you and yours!


If you just haven’t had enough BE yet, go check out their engagement session!


Venue/catering: The Kitchen

Flowers: Theresa “Aussie” Mooney

Dress (handmade locally and custom designed for her! So, so beautiful!): Bryston Walters

Makeup: State of Face

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Tie: Tie Bar

Crocheted daisy boutonniere: Jennie Hayes

Music: Christina Basham

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