A Courthouse Wedding

sarah gee-5886“It’s a courthouse wedding. I won’t tear up for this one.” I’m not sure why I had this preconceived notion of courthouse weddings, or where it came from. I thought it would be simple and to-the-point (which it was), but for some reason I also thought that meant it wouldn’t be emotional.sarah gee-5896-2sarah gee-5912

Completely wrong on that one.

sarah gee-5927sarah gee-5962sarah gee-5973sarah gee-6026sarah gee-6066-2sarah gee-6150sarah gee-6221

Anytime two people are choosing to join their lives in love, there will be emotion. That’s part of it. For Sam and Jeanann’s wedding, their joy was all over their faces.

sarah gee-6311sarah gee-6314sarah gee-6421

We stopped at the Book Loft for some pictures, as they both like to read.

sarah gee-6432sarah gee-6472sarah gee-6473

Then over to Eddie Merlot’s for some good food and reminiscing about the day. And what a good day it was.

sarah gee-6505

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