A Courthouse Wedding

“It’s a courthouse wedding. I won’t tear up for this one.” I’m not sure why I had this preconceived notion of courthouse weddings, or where it came from. I thought it would be simple and to-the-point (which it was), but for some reason I also thought that meant it wouldn’t be emotional. Completely wrong on […]

Climbing stone walls in heels

griggs boathouse wedding

These two were married in Chicago.  And the groom’s parents hosted this wonderful, intimate dinner reception for those in this neck of the woods, here at Grigg’s Boathouse.  It was wonderful! Arshia and Scott made each other laugh, he spun her, she spun him, they climbed a wall… ya know, the usual wedding stuff.  🙂 […]

“firefighter reid to the rescue!”

I’m pretty sure the world is truly a safer place with this guy out there.  Ready to slide down the fire pole (or lamp post) and bravely climb trees to save kittens (real or pretend) at any time, it’s Firefighter Reid “to the rescue!”  Loved watching him play with Mom and Dad, explore the playground, […]

Abby & Geoff: married at the Grand Valley Dale Ballroom, Columbus

The Anniversary Project – I didn’t have this blog last year, so I decided to do some one-year anniversary posts for all of last year’s amazing weddings:)   Ok, before you even get started here, you must go to Rick Brunetto Big Band’s site.  If you have your volume turned up, you’ll have the perfect […]