a year full of love

columbus ohio baby photographer jeffrey mansion

This family has been through the wringer this year. And this precious, beautiful baby has no idea. She was born in the summer to an incredible family full of crazy amounts of love.   By the time she was having her sitting up session, this family had been through a car wreck and a fire in their […]

Dear Little Man, {a first year experience in Columbus, Ohio}

central ohio baby's first year photographer

Dear Little Man, Did you know that I photographed your mom and dad’s wedding?  It’s true.  It was a beautiful summer day just a few years ago.  They got married in the sunshine, smiling and breathing it in.  Your mama wore purple shoes, and your daddy looked quite dashing.  They kissed under a tree and danced […]

a superman/ninja turtle newborn protection force

columbus ohio newborn photography

I say it all the time, I know, but I LOVE getting to know families.  Amazing families with real love and mess and joy and life.  Families who are not only ok with their kid picking his nose in a picture, but who laugh and rejoice in it and love that image.  Families who allow […]

Water splashes and plane rides: a first year at home

columbus ohio baby photographer

Oh…  I adore these guys.  That mama right there?  We’ve got some history.  Good pals since middle school.  I call her Rad (my kids call her “Aunt Rad”), and she calls me Vic – nicknames that we’ve had since middle school – made from our last names (maiden) because we share the same first name. […]

grass and tears and so much love: a first year experience at home

columbus ohio first year photographer

 Little Miss Janhavi took my breath away from the very first moment I met her.  She was my first newborn completely happy with lying in the grass (well, wrapped up near the grass).  I remember my tears falling on her blanket while I was photographing her – the beauty was overwhelming.   And then the way […]

Baby smiles and big brothers and dance parties: a real and wonderful first year experience

I love so much when I get to document a baby’s first year.  It’s truly amazing watching these babies plop into the world and completely change the lives of everyone in the family.  Such an honor to watch these babies grow, and watch their family grow as well.  I photographed big brother’s first year as […]

guitars and bubbles: a columbus, ohio first year session full of soul

baby's first year photographer columbus ohio

 Oh man.  This family’s first year session was gifted to them from another amazing client of mine, and I am so, so happy to know both families now.  The love for this little one and the soul poured into this family’s life is just a beautiful thing.    This is the part of their newborn […]

books and play and the magic of every day: a columbus, ohio first year experience

I have LOVED working with this family.  Getting all these images together for Kent’s first year post brought back great memories of his big brother’s first year.  Two very different stories (you’ll see what I mean by the end), but lots of love here:)  Mama tearing up at the newborn session made me tear up as […]

memories on paper

columbus ohio photography albums

ALBUMS!!!  They’re by far my favorite thing to give to clients.  When I’m creating a wedding album, I picture that couple’s grandkid someday flipping through those pages, remarking about how grandma looks so happy and wondering if grandpa can still dance like that.  When I’m designing an album from a family session, I picture that album […]

one night, under the super moon… a first year (and beyond!) experience

One night, under the super moon, on Cinco de Mayo, this little wonder was born.  She was a teeny tiny one, and spent a little time in the NICU.  She was so very strong, and grew quickly.  So loved by her family.As the autumn leaves blazed their warm colors, her personality grew.  She started smiling […]