They waited twenty years for this…

(This post has a killer soundtrack, so head over here, hit play, and listen while you watch this story unfold because… goodness.) These two waited a good twenty years for this moment. Twenty years. I am honored to have been around for a few of those most recent years.  I have documented time shared with […]

Real and true vows

columbus ohio documentary wedding photography

The Wurmdells: Lisa Wurm and Joe Wendell.  I LOVE combining people’s last names to make a new one.  My favorite is my best pal Sarah Radke and her husband Jeremy Assell: RADASS – how amazing is that???  Strangely, they didn’t make it legal. Back to the Wurmdells.  There are so, so many things I loved […]


BE is how I’ve come to address Beth and Elizabeth whenever I’m talking or writing to both of them.  Their whole wedding was centered around that word, as their initials of course, but also as a testament to who they are and how they live this life. Among the many definitions of “be” on, […]

lighting each other up with laughter: a dayton ohio wedding at coco’s

dayton ohio wedding

I feel very lucky to photograph weddings for so many reasons.  But one of the big ones is this: there is so much we can learn from love.  Seeing how my couples love one another is amazing, and definitely not something I take for granted.   As Jesse got ready with his “groomspeeps,” as they were […]

“equal dignity in the eyes of the law”

“It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They […]

love and respect: a wedding at the ohio state university

I’ve gotta say it: the wedding industry focuses way too much on the ladies.  I totally get that some of us were planning our wedding back when the boys were crashing toy trucks into one another.  But you know, we all grow up.  Sure I’ve heard my fair share of “whatever she wants” coming from the […]

shit just got real…

These two.Two of the funnest I have ever worked with.  I mean, I LOVE someone who titles their engagement album “Shit just got real.”  (And for the record, the first page of their wedding album reads: “Shit just got real….  …amazing!”) Pretty much everything about this wedding was fun…  Taking the group portraits was fun…  Watching […]

read this one all the way to the end (yes, i did just title it that)

Oh, this beautiful, beautiful wedding day. Seriously.  Birds were singing, tulips were in perfect bloom, sun was shining.. Kathy and her friends and family were laughing as they got ready for the day…  And Jason.  Jason was smiling and cheers-ing with friends and family at North High Brewery.   Kathy was truly stunning.And Jason.  So […]

a pup for a ring bearer! – a columbus athenaeum wedding

When Sam and Katie asked me to do their wedding, I knew it would be super classy.  Katie’s sense of style is the stuff of fashion magazines.  And Sam is not called “pretty boy” by his hockey team for nothing.  Such a gorgeous couple, these two.  And super laid back, which made for an extra […]

keeping it classy at the loft: a columbus, ohio reception

So classy!  These two were married on a boat far away, and then had their reception here in Columbus at The Loft at Dock 580.   Wishing you two many years of wedded bliss! Venue/Catering: the Loft at Dock 580 That amazing dessert bar: Whole Foods, Tin Bakery, River Street Sweets The band: Jacob Wilder […]