Crazy. Like, really, really crazy.

“No, we’re crazy. Like, really, really crazy. But if you want to…” her voice trailing off in uncertainty, this is what Quinn told me when I asked her about filming her family’s session for a promo video.


And you know what? She was not wrong! It WAS crazy!


But I just so happen to embrace wildness with just about everything in me, so I loved every single second of it.


Quinn works as a stylist at Blake Rose Salon. I first met her at Amy and Amanda’s wedding, where she literally gave Amanda’s hair finishing touches WITH A MASCARA WAND. I kid you not.


I was entranced by her incredibly bright and shining personality and her immaculate attention to detail when it comes to hair.


When tossing around ideas for their session, Quinn told me, “I would love to capture me cutting everyone’s hair in my kitchen.  It is the one time I can just be me with them.  They also love that special time!”


And so we did just that!


Already knowing of the radiance and joy she exudes and her easily-flowing laughter, I couldn’t wait to meet the rest of her crew.


And they did not disappoint.


The haircuts were crazy (crazy awesome!).


The kids were crazy (crazy full of joy!).


There was this little girl pretending to be mom while she was occupied,


sparkly skull rings and suckers,


bubble mowers and bubbles,


some intense wrecking of a patient Dad’s face,


just the tiniest bit of pouting…


And crazy,






amounts of love. So much love and laughter in this family. What a joy to share some time with them!


If you want some more of this super rad family, check out that promo video that Milk and Hannah Photo did for us!

If you can see your own family having fun at a laid-back session like this, come on over to my site and send over a message!  I’d love to hear about what your family loves to do together so we can customize a session just for you.

Thank you, Quinn and family! (And thank you, Amy and Amanda who surprise gifted this session to them. It felt more like a gift to me!)


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