Finding the right piece

sarah gee-5155

These two are puzzlers. I made that word up, because a person who does jigsaw puzzles is actually called a dissectologist (thank you very much, Google), and dissectologist just makes me think of that time with the frogs in 9th grade when I almost threw up.

sarah gee photography1 copysarah gee-5227

So! Puzzlers they are. And photographing and editing their engagement session got me thinking a lot about how the act of doing puzzles is a bit of a metaphor for life’s journey, right?

sarah gee-5280

Sometimes it’s really frustrating and hard to make the pieces all fit together. We’re juggling so many things and have to make it all work somehow.

sarah gee-5287sarah gee-5310

Sometimes we have to take a break from the hard parts and get back to them when we can think more clearly.

sarah gee-5326

And sometimes it’s more fun to go at the challenge with someone else. A friend, a lover, a sharer of your joys and sadness. When you have someone else to help you, someone to share with you, it makes it a whole lot more fun.

sarah gee-5366

And that excitement and feeling of accomplishment when you put that final piece into place – whew! That’s a good feeling.

sarah gee-5374sarah gee-5400sarah gee-5430

Leah and Denise were happy together our whole session – from a walk in the park to cooking together, puzzling, and just being together. It was a great day. And they have surely found their perfect fit.

sarahgeephotography2 copy

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