the letter that changed my mind about extended family sessions {columbus, ohio family photographer}

columbus ohio family photographer

I have a secret.  I do some work I haven’t told you about.  Still photography, mind you.  But photography work that I never share.  You’ve never seen me post it here on the blog or on facebook, because every time I do a shoot like this, I think for at least one second, “never again.” […]

happy, happy

columbus ohio baby photographer

I’m not sure I’ve ever met quite such a happy little guy.  Just SO happy!  His smile takes over his whole face, and his joy is contagious.  He makes me happier just to be near him photographing:)  So delighted to have spent the year with him and his family. He came into the world with […]

topping off the year with ice cream: on cheeks, toes, and tutu!

I will say it time and time again: I LOVE having the opportunity to watch families grow.  I photographed Allie and DR’s wedding a little while back, and was so excited to hear they were expecting.  The love between these two is tremendous.  They treat each other with kindness and respect and understanding.  And so […]

Caterpillars, climbing trees, and muddy pants

I first photographed big brother when he was a baby – eyes sparkly, huge full-faced smiles.  So precious.  It was early in my photographic journey, and I remember leaving their home hoping so much for our paths to cross again.  I loved working with them a few times since then, and was so very happy […]