Crazy. Like, really, really crazy.

“No, we’re crazy. Like, really, really crazy. But if you want to…” her voice trailing off in uncertainty, this is what Quinn told me when I asked her about filming her family’s session for a promo video. And you know what? She was not wrong! It WAS crazy! But I just so happen to embrace […]

a year full of love

columbus ohio baby photographer jeffrey mansion

This family has been through the wringer this year. And this precious, beautiful baby has no idea. She was born in the summer to an incredible family full of crazy amounts of love.   By the time she was having her sitting up session, this family had been through a car wreck and a fire in their […]

sprinkler magic

columbus ohio family photography

This little one is about to be a big sister any day now.  She is so excited for it, and anyone who knows her knows she will be incredible at this new role.  Yes, she will! But this night.  This night was about her.  Soon she won’t be the only one basking in mom and dad’s […]

“see ya!”

When I was in middle school, I helped out at a nursing home with a volunteer group.  I got to know one of the gentlemen there quite well, and looked forward to chatting with him once a week after school.  His name was John, and he had these steel grey eyes that could look straight […]

exploring in the big, beautiful world

 When I was this girl’s age, my summer days were spent outside.  I would ride my bike down the driveway until it banged into the garage (despite my dad’s vein popping near out of his head every time he caught me).  I’d head across the street to my friend Anna’s house.  We’d play outside until […]

the letter that changed my mind about extended family sessions {columbus, ohio family photographer}

columbus ohio family photographer

I have a secret.  I do some work I haven’t told you about.  Still photography, mind you.  But photography work that I never share.  You’ve never seen me post it here on the blog or on facebook, because every time I do a shoot like this, I think for at least one second, “never again.” […]

a child of the universe

This post will have no images, as I am not allowed to show them.  Please, please stick with me, because I really want to share the experience with you. A Family for Every Child (AFFEC) is an organization that enlists the help of volunteer photographers to provide sessions with kids in foster care who are looking […]

a superman/ninja turtle newborn protection force

columbus ohio newborn photography

I say it all the time, I know, but I LOVE getting to know families.  Amazing families with real love and mess and joy and life.  Families who are not only ok with their kid picking his nose in a picture, but who laugh and rejoice in it and love that image.  Families who allow […]

Water splashes and plane rides: a first year at home

columbus ohio baby photographer

Oh…  I adore these guys.  That mama right there?  We’ve got some history.  Good pals since middle school.  I call her Rad (my kids call her “Aunt Rad”), and she calls me Vic – nicknames that we’ve had since middle school – made from our last names (maiden) because we share the same first name. […]

2014 rocked!

I’m not really a New Year’s kinda gal.  I love that I married a man who has Chinese roots, and adopted a daughter from China – an extra bonus of this means I get to celebrate Chinese New Year.  I can pretty much never get my shit together for the solar (Western) new year, but the lunar one, […]