the potato chip cheers

“Our little super hero.”  This is what his family calls him.  In the history of the whole world, there is not a more fitting nickname.  Sweet, sweet Gavin.  This beautiful baby boy went on to get his smile back on January 18th.  He fought the cancer in his body with everything.  Everything he had in […]

thank you.

st. baldrick's photographer

I honestly have no words adequate enough to describe our St. Baldrick’s experience. Maybe just “Thank you” is the best thing I could possibly say. Thank you. Thank you for coming out to Fado for the big event.  It was awesome seeing everyone all packed in that space while people were shaving!  Thanks to all […]

why are you shaving your head?

“Why are you shaving your head?  Is there some way that you’ve been touched by cancer?” I was asked these questions this week.  And I thought, who HASN’T been touched by cancer?  Or maybe more like clobbered with cancer.  There are so many heart-wrenching stories – of courage, of recovery, of loss.  Beloved family members […]

good things

I’m one of those super-annoying people who think that the little things in life tend to work out for the better in the end.  Lost your job?  Maybe a better one is coming!  My car breaks down? Totally a lesson to me to slow down and appreciate what’s right here at home.  Giant traffic jam […]