thank you.

st. baldrick's photographer

I honestly have no words adequate enough to describe our St. Baldrick’s experience. Maybe just “Thank you” is the best thing I could possibly say. Thank you. Thank you for coming out to Fado for the big event.  It was awesome seeing everyone all packed in that space while people were shaving!  Thanks to all […]

our autumn of super heroes

columubus ohio every day life photographer

So I went to gather up some of my favorites from this past fall, and my kids are wearing their Wonder Woman and Batgirl costumes for about 80% of the time from September to November. I love that. I love their imaginations, and how they are always in costume, and how they go off on […]

camping and ocean dancing and lots of dressing up: what we did with our summer

So, summer’s officially over… I’d be sad, but really, I’m just tremendously thankful for the greatness it was, and looking forward to a beautiful fall!  We were lucky to travel a bit and do some camping, and spent some deeply satisfying family time together. So here it is, in first-day-of-school-essay fashion: what we did on […]

the teeny tiny school bus. yay!

Last week, my babies were suddenly big.  So big. I tried to hold Mina in my arms, like a baby, like I did when she was tiny, and she spilled out everywhere. I had my arms all ready for Michelle to cling to me, like I was the only one she could possibly be with, […]