They waited twenty years for this…

(This post has a killer soundtrack, so head over here, hit play, and listen while you watch this story unfold because… goodness.)

These two waited a good twenty years for this moment.

Twenty years.

I am honored to have been around for a few of those most recent years.  I have documented time shared with them and their daughters and grandsons.  And a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of photographing daughter Jess’s wedding (one of my favorites EVER!).  sarah gee-0970I believe I’ve at least teared up at every wedding I’ve ever photographed.  Sometimes it’s an outright silent weeping.  I’m just emotional like that, and I get overwhelmed by all that love on such a big day.  Usually it happens once during a wedding, maybe twice.  But it kept happening again and again this time…sarah gee-0913I teared up when this little man came out all smiles in his suit, so incredibly proud to take on his big role in the wedding day.  I remember when he was little, really little.  He has changed so incredibly much over these past few years.  It was amazing to see him so proud and confident, overflowing with joy!sarah gee-0937sarah gee-1021sarah gee-1035sarah gee-1058It was my first time meeting this little one, and it was hard to pry myself away from that smile!sarah gee-1068I teared up again, just before Laura did, when I took this next picture…sarahgeephotography3…because I knew who was missing from it – Laura’s parents who had gone on.

This part was all smiles, because how awesome are these littles?sarah gee-1237sarahgeephotography1sarah gee-1408In their vows to one another, they both pointed out how they pledged these promises to one another long ago.  They have been through so much together – sickness, health, richer, poorer – they’ve been there and done that and are still holding on.  sarah gee-1421sarah gee-1453And then I teared up here a bit, when their officiant (Laura’s cousin David), asked them to look around and take notice of all these people who supported them and were there for them.  I know that they were happy that so many people had come to their wedding – it was a big deal and a big show of love.

sarahgeephotography2sarah gee-1466They danced down the aisle, then danced some more!sarah gee-1480sarah gee-1493sarah gee-1644Jess’s speech was hilarious and beautiful all at the same time, and ended with “Cheers!  To the weirdest family ever.”  And that made me tear up, too!  I know, I’m kind of crazy.  But you know, everyone’s family has some weird, right?  Accepting it and loving each other no matter what might just be what life is about.  sarah gee-1628sarah gee-1708sarah gee-1709sarah gee-1765sarah gee-1772“All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am, so many stories of where I’ve been, and how I got to where I am.  But these stories don’t mean anything, when you’ve got no one to tell them to.  It’s true – I was made for you.”  – Brandi Carlilesarah gee-1799sarah gee-1820sarah gee-1849sarah gee-1873sarah gee-1910sarah gee-1992sarah gee-2017And then this one.  For the love.  Fogging up my viewfinder with tears again.  Seriously, I have issues.  But they played “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.  I know, right?  The Spice Girls are such tearjerkers…  I might be crazy, but I do have a reason.  It brought me right back to Jess and Theresa’s wedding, where their whole wedding party stormed the stage and sang this song to them.

sarah gee-2050sarah gee-2085sarah gee-2210_1It was an awesome day.  A really beautiful day that they waited such a long time for.

I know I talked a lot about my crazy tears through this story, but I hope the pictures brought you back to the real story here, and hopefully those crazy tears gave a little more of a frame with which to really soak it all in.

Good people here.  Good people and a beautiful day and lots of love.

Dana and Laura, thank you.  Thank you for continually trusting me to document your family’s best times and for sharing your story with me.  It is an honor!  You’re pros at this being together thing, so I don’t even have to wish you luck at marriage – you’ve got this!  Wishing you many more years of laughing and crying and writing the pages of your story.

If you’d like me to document your story, let’s chat here!

Venue/Flowers/Catering/Desserts/DJ: Water’s Edge

Dana’s dress and Laura’s outfit: Alfred Angelo

Rings: Andrew’s Jewelers

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