“see ya!”

When I was in middle school, I helped out at a nursing home with a volunteer group.  I got to know one of the gentlemen there quite well, and looked forward to chatting with him once a week after school.  His name was John, and he had these steel grey eyes that could look straight […]

exploring in the big, beautiful world

 When I was this girl’s age, my summer days were spent outside.  I would ride my bike down the driveway until it banged into the garage (despite my dad’s vein popping near out of his head every time he caught me).  I’d head across the street to my friend Anna’s house.  We’d play outside until […]

shit just got real…

These two.Two of the funnest I have ever worked with.  I mean, I LOVE someone who titles their engagement album “Shit just got real.”  (And for the record, the first page of their wedding album reads: “Shit just got real….  …amazing!”) Pretty much everything about this wedding was fun…  Taking the group portraits was fun…  Watching […]