“I could not have imagined this day.”

I struggled and I struggled with how to write this one.  I am a story teller.  I LOVE telling my clients’ stories.  I want to keep them personal, and not make any general wide-sweeping statements with them.  It’s their story after all, and this one’s an especially good one.  I promise I’ll get to it.But with […]

a tiny glimpse of the future (also, my first curling joke)

They met on the curling ice, courted on the ice, and got engaged on the ice.  So it was only appropriate that they should do their engagement session on the ice…    Curlers of the world, DO NOT FREAK OUT about this next image.  It was done safely and carefully, and no ice was harmed. […]

read this one all the way to the end (yes, i did just title it that)

Oh, this beautiful, beautiful wedding day. Seriously.  Birds were singing, tulips were in perfect bloom, sun was shining.. Kathy and her friends and family were laughing as they got ready for the day…  And Jason.  Jason was smiling and cheers-ing with friends and family at North High Brewery.   Kathy was truly stunning.And Jason.  So […]