a child of the universe

This post will have no images, as I am not allowed to show them.  Please, please stick with me, because I really want to share the experience with you. A Family for Every Child (AFFEC) is an organization that enlists the help of volunteer photographers to provide sessions with kids in foster care who are looking […]

a superman/ninja turtle newborn protection force

columbus ohio newborn photography

I say it all the time, I know, but I LOVE getting to know families.  Amazing families with real love and mess and joy and life.  Families who are not only ok with their kid picking his nose in a picture, but who laugh and rejoice in it and love that image.  Families who allow […]

Water splashes and plane rides: a first year at home

columbus ohio baby photographer

Oh…  I adore these guys.  That mama right there?  We’ve got some history.  Good pals since middle school.  I call her Rad (my kids call her “Aunt Rad”), and she calls me Vic – nicknames that we’ve had since middle school – made from our last names (maiden) because we share the same first name. […]