adventures in remembering the old neighborhood

“Remember that one time we jumped the fence and spent a couple of hours back at this playground?” When we were brainstorming ideas for Theresa and Jess’s engagement session, they mentioned a neighborhood in which they used to live back before kids.  When I asked for an address so I could go scope out the […]

adventures in risking one’s life while having to pee while having your photograph taken

I’ll save the reason for this title for last.  But it’s a moment worthy of the whole title.  Promise. What can I even say about these two?  They are super fun people, they look like a couple of super models, and they love each other in the way that makes even OTHER PEOPLE smile.  I […]

adventures in dress-swapping ON wedding day: a lima, ohio wedding

Beyond the love story of this wedding, beyond the love Kacie pours forth for Trent and the love Trent shows Kacie in every day wonderful ways… there is another story.  It could have become a story of disaster, of everything falling apart.  But Kacie and her gals made it a story of fun and love […]

our summer bucket list: a summer of adventure!

*climb a glacier *night kayak in glowing water  *walk along the great wall of china *take trapeze class Having a bucket list is awesome.  And crossing things off your bucket list is even awesomer.  (I’ve decided at this point in my life to embrace my over-use of the word ‘awesome’ – I’ll be using it […]

10 tips for great summer vacation photos

Summer is here!!! Some of our family’s best memories happen while on vacation.  My littlest just had a vacation-themed birthday party – THAT’s how important vacations are to us!  Here’s some ideas on how to get some great pictures while you’re on vacation. 1.  This is my absolute, number one rule: NO “SAY CHEESE!” If […]