memories on paper

ALBUMS!!!  They’re by far my favorite thing to give to clients.  When I’m creating a wedding album, I picture that couple’s grandkid someday flipping through those pages, remarking about how grandma looks so happy and wondering if grandpa can still dance like that.  When I’m designing an album from a family session, I picture that album being busted out at baby’s graduation party eighteen years later.  Or being held close to the heart of a younger generation, the images creating a connection with some distantly-related family member who never even met the people pictured.  I picture the not-so-distant future: the couple celebrating their one-year or 10-year or 40-year anniversary and sharing some smiles and tears at the memories preserved; the mama looking through that baby album just a year or 5 years or 10 years later and doing the laugh-cry (I know it well) when she sees that one shot of her much-changed child sticking out her tongue or peeking out from behind his treasured blanket.  Albums tell the story of a crazy, magnificent, important time in life.

They freeze time.

Some kind of album will definitely be coming your way if you have a session with me.  Could be an accordion book, a layflat coffee table album, or a flush-mount wedding album – all depends on what you love.  Here’s a peek at what all those entail.

Pictures won’t be able to do a wedding album justice.  You have to see those in person.  Hold them in your hands and turn the pages.  I know we’re in a digital world, but there’s just something timeless and marvelous about looking through a wedding album.  These aren’t your mama’s wedding album.  No golden-gilded pages with images slipped through the little windows.  This is the kind of album I would have loved to have for my own wedding (15 years ago this August – holy smokes!!!).  The covers are beautiful – an image covered in thick acrylic and bound in leather. columbus ohio photography albums columbus ohio photography albumsThe pages are flush-mount, meaning there’s really no divide between the two sides of the page. This allows for awesome two-page spreads full of story and color and glory! columbus ohio photography albumsThe pages are nice and thick.  This one is printed on classic felt, and is made of 30% recycled content. columbus ohio photography albumsEach album is different – tells a different story, and lends itself to a certain kind of paper.  This particular album is on pearl paper with a linen texture.   columbus ohio photography albumsIt was a beautifully colorful wedding, and the pearl paper brings out the rich tones.  sarah gee-3734 sarah gee-3736All first year experience sessions come with a layflat coffee table album at the end of the first year.  My clients always love the full-wrap cover image.  sarah gee-3739sarah gee-3740 The pages lay flat, and the album includes images from all three sessions.  LOVE having all those milestones in one album! sarah gee-3758And then there’s the family session album.  This one is 8×12 and has all the features of the first album.   sarah gee-3745Each album is custom designed.  There are no templates constricting creativity.  I try to design my albums with a very clean aesthetic in mind, really drawing attention to the images.  sarah gee-3747Thanks for taking a peek into my world of albums!  I get so excited when they come in the mail and love delivering them to clients and seeing their faces as they flip through the pages.  If you’d like one of your own, and love playing and connecting with those you love, I would love to have a session with you! Head on over to the contact form (choose weddings or family) on my website and tell me more about you and your loved ones!

Do you have an album from a session with me?  I would love to hear how you’re liking it and how you feel when you look through it!

13 thoughts on “memories on paper

  1. Beautiful albums and spreads! I actually went and designed an album of my own wedding photos because of how much I love the albums that I sell to my clients! 🙂


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