can i go out in my bare feet?: a chronicle of the unending winter

Day one: the first snow I wish I had had a camera ready for my littlest’s face the morning she saw the first snow of the season.  It was awesome.  When the girls got home from preschool, we played non-stop in the snow.  Happy! Day 13: still exciting! Lots of snow eating and snowball fights. […]

happy, happy

columbus ohio baby photographer

I’m not sure I’ve ever met quite such a happy little guy.  Just SO happy!  His smile takes over his whole face, and his joy is contagious.  He makes me happier just to be near him photographing:)  So delighted to have spent the year with him and his family. He came into the world with […]

stick fights and snuggles: a columbus fall family session

Fall was just beginning to touch the trees.  The golden glow of sunset and a few fallen leaves.  Big brother raced up and down hills, had a stick fight, hunted for acorns, mastered the swings, and ran the bases.  Little sister snuggled in, gave some lovely expressions, and enjoyed a swing ride.  It was all […]