thank you.

KN7A9853I honestly have no words adequate enough to describe our St. Baldrick’s experience.

Maybe just “Thank you” is the best thing I could possibly say.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming out to Fado for the big event.  It was awesome seeing everyone all packed in that space while people were shaving!  Thanks to all who shared our event with others as well.

Thank you to the good people at Fado Irish Pub for hosting us.  They do a WAY bigger St. Baldrick’s event every year around St. Patrick’s Day.  I believe last year they raised over $50,000 and had 100 shavees!  If you would like to shave your head to help conquer childhood cancers, they have their big event coming up March 15th.  Click here to join, volunteer your time (you don’t have to shave!), or donate!

Thank you for donating.  St. Baldrick’s raises money to fund research for childhood cancers.  We surpassed our event goal of $5000, and (with checks that aren’t recorded yet) are well over $7000! You wonderful clients raised more than $1500 of that.  Thank you so much.

Thank you for helping!  The DiNapoli family stepped in big time as registrars and pinch barber.  Brea was our barber at Southwood Elementary.  Sweet Monica volunteered her time as treasurer.  Suzanne Gipson was so very generous to photograph a portion of our event.  And my sister – holy smokes my sister Lisa.  Not only did she shave, but she went door-to-door spreading the word to businesses, volunteered as treasurer, ran the raffle, helped me with the mini-sessions to benefit the event…  I mean, the list goes on and on for that wonderful lady.  Thank you.

Thank you for shaving!  We had 8 giving souls who signed up to shave their heads in the hopes that someday kids won’t have to.  And then 2 more brave ones decided to go under the razor the day of!  You are all amazing, and I’m so happy to know you!!!   Thank you for what you’ve given to the world.

And now, without further ado, I present to you the images (including the one of my ugly-face crying)…

Our first event was at Southwood Elementary.  The kids there raised over $1100!!!  A wonderful teacher at the school, Mrs. Day, had her head shaved in front of hundreds of kids shouting “We are Southwood!” and “Go Mrs. Day!”st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer Then came the main event, where 9 of us shaved.  Here is lovely treasurer Monica (image by Suzanne Gipson).KN7A9674 And here’s my kid having a beer.  Not really, but she loved sitting up at the big bar.  We were a little worried the kids would be freaked out to have two bald parents, but they were pretty rock-n-roll about it, and keep telling us we look “awesome” and “great!” and rubbing our heads. (image by Suzanne Gipson)KN7A9734 And there’s this.  I promise I wasn’t crying because I was sad about my hair. (image by Suzanne Gipson)KN7A9806 While I went under the razor, my sis let my kids cut her hair!  Awesome:) (image by Suzanne Gipson)KN7A9853 Image by Suzanne GipsonKN7A9918 And then this amazing young man was up.  Blake traveled with his family from Cleveland, and this was not his first time shaving for St. Baldrick’s.  How awesome is that???st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer And then came Lisa.  Love to see that happy face!!!st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer Her husband’s reaction to her bald head – baldrick's photographer Up next was Mariah!st. baldrick's photographer Then came the Mr.  Thank goodness his cut didn’t end like baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer Kelsy donated her hair – here’s her proud mama cutting off the ponytail!  st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer Mr. James Tappanst. baldrick's photographer James sporting his St. Baldrick’s shave, his Movember mustache, and his sideburns.  Lisa made him shave them off the second they got home:)st. baldrick's photographer Jonathan, Mrs. Day’s fiance, as his shave is finished baldrick's photographer And the happy bald lovers!st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer There was a pretty excited and generous feeling in the air, and two people signed on to shave that very day.  One was Brian, who is getting married in a few months, and his awesome fiance was cool with this sudden haircut!st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer And another was Jon.  So cool that people were excited to join in the day of!  We had some incredible donations given to help them along – some from friends and family, and some from very generous Fado patrons!  So thankful!st. baldrick's photographer st. baldrick's photographer Checking out his new dome:)st. baldrick's photographer The DiNapoli family really helped out this day!  Thank you!st. baldrick's photographer Some of our really amazingly wonderful and generous shavees and volunteers.

st. baldrick's photographerAnd when it was all over, my sis and I sat down with our grateful hearts and bald heads, and toasted to all of the amazing people who helped make this happen.  Awe. baldrick's photographer

Thank you.

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