why are you shaving your head?

“Why are you shaving your head?  Is there some way that you’ve been touched by cancer?” I was asked these questions this week.  And I thought, who HASN’T been touched by cancer?  Or maybe more like clobbered with cancer.  There are so many heart-wrenching stories – of courage, of recovery, of loss.  Beloved family members […]

A year of joy and family: a first year experience

columbus ohio lifestyle first year photographer

I just can’t say it enough: I LOVE getting to experience baby’s first year.  I love watching the family’s life change with that tiny little being, love getting to be there in the midst of the excitement and sleep deprivation and incredible joy.  I love watching that little personality begin to surface, seeing those smiles […]

oh, the power of love…

columbus ohio travelling wedding photographer

The Anniversary Project – I didn’t have this blog last year, so I decided to do some one-year anniversary posts for all of last year’s amazing weddings:)   Love makes us do crazy and wonderful things.  It can make you quit your job, sell your home, and journey off to a new country that doesn’t […]

Caterpillars, climbing trees, and muddy pants

I first photographed big brother when he was a baby – eyes sparkly, huge full-faced smiles.  So precious.  It was early in my photographic journey, and I remember leaving their home hoping so much for our paths to cross again.  I loved working with them a few times since then, and was so very happy […]

Climbing stone walls in heels

griggs boathouse wedding

These two were married in Chicago.  And the groom’s parents hosted this wonderful, intimate dinner reception for those in this neck of the woods, here at Grigg’s Boathouse.  It was wonderful! Arshia and Scott made each other laugh, he spun her, she spun him, they climbed a wall… ya know, the usual wedding stuff.  🙂 […]