camping and ocean dancing and lots of dressing up: what we did with our summer

So, summer’s officially over…

I’d be sad, but really, I’m just tremendously thankful for the greatness it was, and looking forward to a beautiful fall!  We were lucky to travel a bit and do some camping, and spent some deeply satisfying family time together.

So here it is, in first-day-of-school-essay fashion: what we did on our summer vacation…

We slept here…sarah gee photography-9525 copy and here…sarah gee photography-0096 copy and here…sarah gee photography-6053 copy and here…sarah gee photography-3540 copyand here!sarah gee photography-1492 copyThis wild one made it to the top of our tree for the first time, and this wild one made it farther than ever on the Scioto Audubon climbing wall.sarah gee photography4 copyThere was LOTS of dancing!sarah gee photography-0286 copysarah gee photography-9786 copy sarah gee photography-9836 copy sarah geephotography3 copy sarah gee photography-3536 copy sarah gee photography-2488 copy sarah gee photography-0961 copy sarah gee photography-0874 copyAnd plenty of tattooing.sarah gee photography-7196 copy sarah gee photography-0716 copysarah gee photography-0166 copyWe threw the kids around quite a bit.sarah gee photography-0038 copy sarah gee photography-0059 copyWe ate here…sarah gee photography-0624 copy and here…sarah gee photography-1314 copy and here.sarah gee photography-1080 copyWe went on a pirate ship and defeated “Stinky Pete.”sarah gee photography-0129 copy sarah gee photography-9051 copy sarah gee photography-9003 copyWe had awesome fun with the little things, and enjoyed more than one rainy day.sarah gee photography-9578 copy sarah gee photography-9570 copyWe witnessed a random zombie walk.sarah gee photography-0645 copyHad ice cream.sarah gee photography-0836 copyAnd had an ice-cream induced zombie moment.sarah gee photography-0855 copyWe were passionate explorers of the big, wide world.sarah gee photography-9591 copy sarah gee photography-0247 copy sarah gee photography-0210 copy sarah gee photography1 copyKomodo dragon visited komodo dragon.sarah gee photography-2388 copyThe girls learned how to blow bubbles with their straws.sarah gee photography-1017 copyWe spent a lot of time in the car (prepared for the worst, and were pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t completely horrible!).sarah gee photography-0163 copyThere was lots and lots of dressing up.sarah gee photography-3510 copy sarah gee photography-7037 copy sarah gee photography-8284 copy sarah gee photography-1587 copyAnd quite a bit of reading.sarah gee photography-5909 copy sarah gee photography-1578 copy sarah gee photography-3534 copyThis one learned some new tricks.sarah gee photography-2273 copy sarah gee photography-3453 copyAnd suffered a few bruises and cuts.sarah gee photography-0136 copyThis one saw new things.sarah gee photography2 copySome really wonderful artwork was created (good Lord, do I love the belly buttons!).sarah gee photography-1583 copyThe kids finally got their licenses.sarah gee photography-1349 copy sarah gee photography-1340 copyWe ooo-ed and ah-ed over some tremendous fireworks.sarah gee photography-1164 copyAnd had some truly happy fireside evenings.sarah gee photography-9627 copy sarah gee photography-0229 copyIt was a glorious, happy summer full of new experiences for all of us.  sarah gee photography-1422 copyAnd I’m forever grateful to get to relive these memories through our pictures!  Thank you, camera!

26 thoughts on “camping and ocean dancing and lots of dressing up: what we did with our summer

  1. oh wow – looks like you had an amazing summer. some really beautiful memories that im sure you’ll cherish as the kids get older. thanks for sharing – made me smile 🙂


  2. These are amazing pictures-cutest family ever-stop throwing those kids around although must admit they seem to LOVE it! I was raving about the pictures and Kelsey said,I know right,it’s like she’s a professional photographer! Brat.


    • thank you! i should have mentioned that every moment surely wasn’t grand! we had our fair share of screaming kids, bickering, and time-outs for all. but it comes down to the parts you want to focus on, huh? and the parts i remember are these:)


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