the teeny tiny school bus. yay!

Last week, my babies were suddenly big.  So big.

I tried to hold Mina in my arms, like a baby, like I did when she was tiny, and she spilled out everywhere.

I had my arms all ready for Michelle to cling to me, like I was the only one she could possibly be with, like she always has, but she didn’t need them.  Instead, I received a hug and a kiss (and a kiss on my hand for later) and saw a most excited face as that school bus pulled up.

So big.  And so beautiful.  In the deep kind of way, way beneath the surface.  Deep into their hearts and souls and minds beautiful.  I held it together until that bus pulled away.  And then I cried.  So big, but oh so tiny on that big school bus.  columbus ohio family photography They wore their backpacks every day pretty much the whole week before school started.columbus ohio family photographyThe first day, waiting for the school bus: Mina was a little nervous.columbus ohio family photography Michelle was beyond excited!  School buses have been a fav for her ever since she’s been home.  And, in an effort to prepare her well for this first day, we had been repeating since the spring that in the fall, the “teeny tiny” school bus (she dubbed it that) would bring her and mina (and not mama) to school each day.  this conversation always ended in “yay!”columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography My sister is awesome, and came to wait for the bus with us.columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography  Aunt Lisa made matching mama/daughter jewelry for us with the same beads so we could think of each other throughout the day.  Again, my sister is awesome!columbus ohio family photographycolumbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography Harry provided a little tossing of the children.  Helped Mina loosen up:)columbus ohio family photography That excited face as the bus pulled up!columbus ohio family photography And then I cried.  And Harry immediately poured me a mimosa (which my sister had brought because she knows me well – have I mentioned how awesome she is???).columbus ohio family photography We came to school to help the girls off the bus.

Mina still looking a bit nervous.

Michelle = EXCITED!!!!!

Me = orange juice breath.columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photographyIt was an awesome day!  They both came home with great reports and smiles.  Mina is a big helper in the class.  And Michelle is doing a great job using her words.  So thankful they can be in the same class this year!  So big!

Such a huge change this year for all of us.  Independence for the Littles, editing time for me while they’re gone, and, perhaps the best of all: more family time on nights and weekends.  SO excited.

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