waking up to a photographer in your face

columbus ohio family photographer

I love getting to know families.  Really, really.  I actually knew this mama many years ago when we did a project together in college.  We had lost touch in the nearly 10 years since then, and then one day found our kids playing together at Firefly Play Cafe.  Awesome! I could hang out with these […]

a baby in the grass

Oh my goodness.  I adore this family.  I had the pleasure of working with them for big brother’s first year, and was beyond thrilled when they asked me back to photograph new baby girl’s first year. This family warms my heart.  They always welcome me into their home with open arms and smiles.  It’s a […]

sliding down banisters, police chases, and ice cream

So… This was an engagement session!  Not what you expected based on that title, I bet.  What exactly does one expect with a title like that? Our session started off at Case Western Reserve, where Jared and Katie met and fell in love.  It was so great to hear them reminisce as we tromped around […]

melanie & chris

The Anniversary Project – I didn’t have this blog last year, so I decided to do some one-year anniversary posts for all of last year’s amazing weddings:)   I just got word that this sweet couple has a new baby joining in their one year anniversary celebration!  Wonderful.  So happy for them! I journeyed to […]

Pinwheels and super baby and matching shoes

So, I’ve been friends with this mama for many years now.  She also worked with a kiddo that I used to work with, and we were both with him for a very long time and still love him very much.  I always knew she would be a most amazing mama, because I had seen her […]

climbing, rocks in the river, and big wheels

These two.  This girl with the hair and this boy with the suitcase…  I could have photographed these two all day long.  Seriously.  LOVE their action… the wild stunts on the swings and rings…  the climbing… how her feet never touched the ground in any of these shots as she skipped off to the park… how he played […]

skipping and coloring and kid pools – all in frills

This family had plenty of smiling-at-the-camera-in-a-studio sessions and were ready to try something new.  We spent the morning at the park and then back at their place coloring for a bit, then cooled off in the pool.  There was a lot of ruffles, a lot of action, and a ton of laughs.  Big sister is […]

lynn & carrie

columbus, ohio wedding photographer

The Anniversary Project – I didn’t have this blog last year, so I decided to do some one-year anniversary posts for all of last year’s amazing weddings:)   A festival was happening directly across the street when Lynn and Carrie got married.  And really, it’s almost like it was meant to be.  Just added to […]

a beautiful year of life at home

I feel like there’s something really, really beautiful in real, everyday life – something that we often miss because we’re so busy living it. I LOVE that three of this family’s five sessions in new baby’s first year were at home.  His one year session was at his birthday party at Firefly Play Cafe.  And all […]

mama and baby

Mama and baby.  Beautiful.  So, so incredibly happy that mama was up for being a part of our session.  When she had a tear while marveling at her new little one, I had to remind myself to keep shooting.  My gut instinct was to give her and baby a hug as I teared up myself. […]