seasons of giving update: working to end cancer

Do you think it might be possible?  In our lifetime?  Could cancer just go away?

Anyone ever seen the Australian movie The Castle?  I’m not exactly recommending it, but it has one very colorful and lovable character in the dad.  His son is really into scouring The Trading Post for deals, and mentions many of the sales to the dad.  Whenever he tells the dad the price asked, the dad replies, “Tell him he’s dreamin’.”

There are many working to research and better understand cancer – working to END cancer.  I’ll bet they’ve been told before that they’re “dreamin’.”  And, sure, they ARE dreaming.  Because that’s what makes things happen.  A dream is a pretty amazing thing.  Add research to a dream, and you’ve got so many possibilities.

There are also so many in this world working towards raising money for cancer research – helping to take that dream, add research, and make it a reality.  And in 2013, our spring, summer, and fall Seasons of Giving are going towards helping in this endeavor.

Our spring Seasons of Giving raised $450 for Tristan’s Troopers, part of the Man/Woman of the Year Campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Lauren Widett worked very hard this year, organizing events and fund-raising for Tristan’s Troopers.  Tristan is a remarkable young man who has battled and survived cancer, and all of the fund-raising was done in his honor.  We are so happy to have helped contribute a tiny portion of the $275,000 that the Central Ohio Man/Woman of the Year Campaign raised!  If you had a session this spring, you helped raise money for this awesome cause!

This summer, our cause will be Pelotonia.  If you are here in Central Ohio, I’ll bet you already know about Pelotonia.  It’s a huge bike event in which riders raise funds for cancer research at our nearby Ohio State James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Riders must raise a certain amount to participate in each route.  The best part of the race for me (besides, you know, BIKES!) is that 100% of the proceeds go straight towards cancer research!

Our fall Seasons of Giving will go towards St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and I want you to know that I’ll be VERY involved in that one:)  St. Baldrick’s works specifically at filling in the funding gap for research for childhood cancers.

So if you have a spring, summer, or fall session this year, please know that 10% of your session fee is going to the research needed to turn that dream into a reality – END CANCER!

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