a pair of scissors and a helpless stuffed bunny

We have a lot of stuffed animals in this house.  A lot.  I don’t know that I’ve ever given the girls one.  They’ve all been generous gifts from family and friends.  And because we have so many, when my daughter asked if she could give her Easter bunny “Bow” a haircut, I said “sure” without really batting an eye.  And then I encouraged it by taking pictures while she cut Bow’s fur (because, goodness, was it ever cute).  And then, hours later, I was photographing the Blue and Green cup for my husband’s hockey team (a story for another day), and was so thankful to have already had my camera in hand when she came in the room.  She came in with the scissors and a big chunk of her hair, so excited she had overcome her fear of haircuts and smiling big with a “I cut my hair!  It wasn’t so bad after all!”  Oops.

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