Riding off into the sunset on her motorcycle {Columbus, Ohio family photographer}

Sometimes I feel like I can see my daughter pretty much exactly as she’ll be as a teenager.  It mostly scares the hell out of me.  And yet, I’m so excited (and hope that I will live) to see many years of her life unfold. Not that I want to rush it by ANY means. […]

first time around the block?

Why yes, it was her very first time around the block.  The WHOLE block.  With all the repairs her tricycle required, along with the ever-important side trips to investigate a leaf or stick, this trip took approximately 47 hours.  Ok, maybe just one hour.  Or not even.  But it was a long time.  And it […]

ryland’s first year {columbus ohio family photographer}

My very first session with this family was back before they were a family!  I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement session, and then their wedding in 2010 – watching them become a family of two.  And then this past year, they became a family of three!  I loved being a part of Ryland’s […]

a pair of scissors and a helpless stuffed bunny

We have a lot of stuffed animals in this house.  A lot.  I don’t know that I’ve ever given the girls one.  They’ve all been generous gifts from family and friends.  And because we have so many, when my daughter asked if she could give her Easter bunny “Bow” a haircut, I said “sure” without […]

see, i told you.

Remember how, like 3 Mondays ago, I said I was going to try to blog about my crazy life every Monday?  Yeah.  In my defense, the next Monday was my husband’s Spring Break, and we took an impromptu trip to the Land of Cleve.  That’s right – Cleveland, Ohio.  And I must say, it was […]