Putting my family’s life out there

This has long been a thing for me…

Should I share my personal life with my clients?  If you’ve had a session with me, you probably know I can’t help but tell a story here and there.  But should I share personal images of my family in business spaces?  Should business be business, and personal be personal?  And if I choose to share my family over on the business side of things, will I scar my kids forever by doing so?   And what’s going too far?  If there’s a great image of my 2-year-old in her underwear, is that ok to share with anyone outside the realm of family and friends?  By sharing images of my family with whomever in the wide world happens to make her or his way over to my blog or site, am I losing some of the preciousness and sanctity that is my family?

And then there’s the other side…

Of course it’s ok to share images of my kids.  Plenty of photographers do this.  I can hear my photography conscience: “If photographer A shoots in Program mode, does that make it ok?”  Well, no.  But my images of my kids are surely my best work.  They are the main reason I shoot, right?  To remember these glimpses of their childhood.  To help them remember someday.  To capture all the beauty in those scraped knees, dirty toes, and sticky faces.  And if, by sharing this, it helps another soul in this world to recognize the importance of documenting and remembering this life, then that surely seems to be worth it, right?

It’s all so blasted tricky.

And so for now, I’ve decided this.  I want to share.  My kids are really cool.  They are only 4 and 2, but they’ve both said they’re alright with me sharing images of them.  I won’t share their images forever, I’ll keep it appropriate, and I’ll never share one that they don’t want to share.

I feel like sharing our images is like sharing a little of our lives.  Little specks of the Gee family wildness.  And I personally think it’s a pretty beautiful life.  Beautiful in the way that tousled hair and preschool style and dinosaurs in a dollhouse and muddy boots and dancing in the kitchen and sleeping on the couch are all part of life and experience.

And so I am choosing to share this beauty.  Just like you share the beauty of your lives with me when you allow me to walk in your door and photograph your family’s moments.  I am seriously honored to photograph those tiny toes, that look of wonder, that popsicle-stained face, that pouty moment and that giggly moment.  All of it.  Thank you so much for sharing all of this with me.  I am a better person with each shared experience and each person I meet.

So get ready.  The personal images shall be shared.  And if one of me in karaoke glory ends up in there somewhere, so be it.

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