seasons of giving #3: lisa and rolando: giving back in guatemala

Lisa is a good friend of mine, ever since middle school.  I shot her wedding this past fall, well, her three weddings:)  In Guatemala, there is a civil ceremony and a religious ceremony.  Then they had a smaller ceremony back here in the States.

They chose to have their civil ceremony at Amor de P Lillians home, one of the orphanages to which they are dedicating the next few years of their lives.  Lisa and Rolando both have a passion for helping the children of Guatemala.

Lisa’s background as an occupational therapist brings something to the orphanage that is usually only a fleeting thing that comes with groups of volunteers who visit the orphanages of Guatemala.  Many of the kids in the homes have special needs and sensory issues.  Lisa wants to help address many of those needs, give as much mind-enriching touch as possible, and give the kids experiences outside of the home’s walls.  After she has changed a lot of diapers and fed many mouths, and proved her heart to those who currently staff the homes, she hopes to work with the kids in a more therapeutic realm and teach other staff members how to further help the kids there.

Rolando has a heart for the rebuilding of his country.  He has great hopes for the future of Guatemala, and wishes to be a part of the change.  As is the story in many places around the world, orphans in Guatemala are sent out into the world as older children wholly unprepared for life.  Rolando hopes to change this pattern, and is working to mentor young people and help prepare them for the workforce and for life beyond the orphanage.

Both of them together make a dynamic team, and bring a new kind of love and knowledge to the orphanages that was not previously there.  They have great plans for a possible coffee shop that would be run by kids from the homes and those with special needs.  Together they will do great things in this world!

Here are some pictures from their civil ceremony at Amor de P Lillians home.



so, it turns out civil ceremonies are quite boring...

so, it turns out civil ceremonies are quite boring…

really pretty boring.

really pretty boring.

lisa and rolando with the kids

lisa and rolando with the kids


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